Housing, dining and parking costs

Costs for housing, dining and parking are charged in addition to tuition and fees. Rates vary based on where students live, which meal plan they select and what lot is chosen for parking. Please note that the Residential Life and Housing site shows housing cost per year, though Student Accounting bills by the semester. Parking charges are paid separately from the student bill.

Learn more about housing, dining and parking options and costs by visiting the following websites:

Increases for 2020-21

The rates for housing dining and parking fees will increase for the 2020-21 year as outlined below.

  • Housing rates reflect an increase approximately 4% due to proposed salary and benefit increases, utilities and contract cost increases.
  • Dining rates reflect an increase of 4.97% as required to support the contractual Consumer Price Index increase of 2.65% and to continue to improve customer service and enhance the dining program
  • Parking rates will increase by an average of 2.5% for students and employees.